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Driver’s Photography specializes in themed photography for Actors and Models.
We also serve Thrill seekers and Cosplay who want a unique theme.

We are expensive.

Yes our photography services and the products we sell are expensive. No sugar coating.

Aynsley Age 3.
Viking Princess with a Warhammer.

Themed Photography is my full time job.
And I am good at it.
Photographing  Kids is not for the faint of heart.
They have tantrums, sibling rivalry, insecurities, mood swings, frustrated dads and panicked  moms.

That Chaos is my job.

I take that Chaos and put it into a theme, turn it into something creative.
Something that is unique. Something you have never seen before.  Something scary, something strong, or something beautiful.

That is my job.

The sets you see in my photos are real sets, we personally build and create magical environments to create unique looks.

That is also my job.

We also help you decide just how to preserve these events of chaos. How to fill you homes with Albums, wall art, framed portraits, canvas prints and cards. We show you how to showcase your social media with your new adventure.  In some cases, we  show you how to use these photos in professional portfolios and how to get the  biggest  bang out of them through submission to industry magazines and casting calls.

Kids learn and self identify by what they see every day. What is on your walls that they see every day?
Are there images that show your kids in the light of  strength, grace and beauty.
Do they look up and see them self as a strong heroes?
Do they see survivors ? Do they see photos that reinforce their beauty? Do they see something creative?
Every day they are torn down at school and other functions. When they come home, what do they see on your walls?
Can they recharge?

Let me Help you.

How many CDs, flash drives or Facebook galleries do you have full of photos that have never been printed? Most people have a lot. Printing photos is an overwhelming process. Choosing your favorites, knowing which images would look best framed and which would look best in an album, choosing a lab or an album printer, understanding how to crop and resize your photos. These are all things the average person struggles with.

Age: 7

Because these things are MY JOB. Not yours.

I know where to order gorgeous photo albums that your children, grand children and great grandchildren will cherish.
The future will see the heroes that your children are. The future will see the strength, grace and beauty of your kids when they show these pictures to their kids.  I know which photos are perfect for canvas, what is good for framing. I also know how stressful all these decisions can be, which is why I will be there to walk you through the entire process, step by step, to make sure you end up with incredible photo products that will be keepsakes for generations to come.

I want your family to have prints. I want your family to have albums. I want your kids to have something you can hold and touch and feel. I want your walls  and shelves filled with inspiration for your family when they have had a long tough day.

You deserve all those things and I can help you get them.

People justify expensive purchases all the time:
The phone or computer you’re reading this on. The TV on your living room wall. That trip to the store that somehow added up to $400 even though you only went in for a outfit. The car in your driveway that you’ll own for less than 10 years. None of these things will be passed on to your children, much less your grandchildren’s children.

Yes, professional portraits are expensive. But they’re the only splurge you’ll keep forever. The only splurge that will get more valuable with every passing year. The only splurge that you’ll never, ever regret.

Let’s make something lasting.


The Session/ Creative  Fee for the Driver’s themed Sessions is $350

Prints and wall art are available for purchase at your ordering session, which takes place after the shoot.

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