Booking & Rates

Driver’s Photography specializes in themed photography for Actors and Models. We also serve Thrill seekers and Cosplay who want a unique theme.

Our goal is to create a diverse number of looks based on the needs of the client. Using unique looks and themes this will help them gain access to castings that normally would be outside of their demographic or portfolio limitations.

Actor / Model Portfolio Session:

Session Fee: $450

These portfolio building sessions are built around your needs and goals.
There is more to casting than just a pretty face, there are hundreds of pretty faces all competing for roles.

Entertainment projects are looking for a character, a character to fill a role.
Our goal is to create a look of cast-able character for actors.

These shoots will take a hour or more.
Location and other details would be worked out based on the needs of the look.

* Includes Print/ Publish Release
* 3 Looks with custom sets ( This is not just pull down back grounds )

Driver’s Photography located in Nashville Tennessee. Our focus is on personal and unique Photography for models, actors, and celebrities.

Contact us for booking and consultation:
Phone: 619 997 5719