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Ila Rose is a great actor that we shot in April of 2018.



Ila Rose in “Stylish Badlands”
Ila Rose in “A Touch of Horror” | Photographer | Nashville | Model | Actor | Senior | Headshot Tennessee, Dark, Hollywood, Glamour, Children, Theater, Nashville, Goth, Portrait, Terror, Haunt, Best, Girl, Macabre, Headshot, Top, American Horror Story, Creative, Creepy, Cosplay, Scary, Blood, Fantasy, Evil, Child, Photography, Movie, Model, Star, Reel, Casting Call, Casting, Halloween, Fashion, Horror, Portfolio, Monster, People, Actor, Audition, Photographer, Talent
Ila Rose in “A Touch of Horror”
ILA Rose in “Blue Moon”

Ila Rose in “The Pupil”

Ila Rose in “Pink Hat”





Character Head Shots are a general tool needed for all actors and models.
Drivers Photography offers character driven photo-shoots.
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