Apocalypse Theme

The world, as we know it, is at an end.
The struggle is now very real.

There are many Apocalypse Themed films and TV shows occurring.
Many great Movies have been made on this theme, movies like “Mad Max”,”World War Z”, “The Walking Dead”, “Resident Evil”.

This theme style will try on focus on Body Form, Survival, and Shock Value.
Most shots will include some form of weapon.

The goal here is to create a “Character” that is rough and tough.

This is one of our newer themes, so if you have any ideas to improve it, please contact us

Here is a look at some of our past shoots:

Previous Apocalypse Sessions

Elizabeth Jane in “Agent Red One”

Agent Red one. When you need the best for Espionage, you call red one. Dress with attitude, show poise and confidence. There is always a need for a hero who knows how to get the data on the bad guys to the right authorities. This is agent Red One. These are strong additions to any portfolio, To have professional photography ...

Brodey Floyd in “Trooper” | Disney Auditions Help

Brodey Floyd in “Trooper” To enforce the will of the Emperor they send in the “Troopers” Disney auditions demand character, not just pretty faces. Many films take the audience thru some dangerous quest, therefore there is a demand for a strong willed Character to lead it. There are many auditions for Disney projects and other kids casting for these ...

Ruth Stillman in “The Revolution”

Is it a revolution or a Holocaust? All depends on if you are fighting robots or governments. These shots are great for casting in either case. They’re a conversation generating addition to actor comp cards. In the entertainment industry there is a “Need” to have something in your portfolio that is an attention grabber. Actors need something that makes ...

Ila Rose in “Stylish Badlands” | Photographer | Nashville | Model | Actor | Character | Headshots | Senior Child, Actor, Model, Senior, People, Talent, Children, Best, Fashion, Hollywood, Action, Cosplay, Star, Hero, Creative, Headshot, Movie, Casting Call, Tennessee, Top, Nashville, Theater, Girl, Star , Photography, Reel, Glamour, Portfolio, Photographer, Audition, Portrait, Casting http://www.Driversphotography.com

Ila Rose in “Stylish Badlands”

Ila Rose in “Stylish Badlands” Even in the Badlands, one has to look good. Wars in the Stars and on strange worlds. Your actor can touch base with science fiction. These are great Character shots to be the Hero or a Tactical villain. Only a well written script can decide which it really is. These shots are an conversation ...