Horror Themes

Many of my subjects are kids and I get asked by parents and visitors,
Why horror?

Why can’t we just make pretty headshots and pictures?
Why shoot horror?
Well the answer is:
It is huge business, it is stable, and has tons of fans.

Sonya Chudgar states:

It’s a frighteningly big business: The appeal of evil drives the $500 million haunted-attraction industry and $400 million at the box office for horror films each year.
With spooky storytelling on TV, zombie obstacle courses and theme-park sponsors, the horror industry shows little sign of slithering away.


“Test Subject”

Theme Core:
Medical Experimental subjects used by a mad scientist.

Movies and Shows like “Firestarter”, “X-men” and “Stranger Things” all have elements of this.

“Something Horrible”

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Theme Core:
Evil vs Innocence

Movies and Shows like “Poltergeist”, “It”, “Annabelle” all have elements of this.


Theme Core:

Movies and Shows like “Interview with a Vampire”, “Lost Boys”, “Twilight” and many more