Alanna Sexton in “Rock Star” | Rock & Roll | Senior | Photographer | Nashville | Model | Actor | Character | Headshot

Alanna Sexton in “Rockstar”| Rock & Roll | Photographer | Nashville | Model | Actor | Character | Headshot Photography, Performance, Children, Music, People, Rockstar, Top, Punk, 80s, Band,, Portfolio, Girl, Nashville, Best, Tennessee, 70s, Fashion, Guitar, Rock Star, Talent, Audition, Photographer, Theater, Model, Creative, Concert, Elvis, Child, Rock, Portrait, Cosplay

On the stage and in your face, it is TIME for some Rock and Roll! Head Shots are a general tool needed for all actors and models. The Head shot needs to be professional, since casting directors will determine how professional and serious a model or actor is based on the quality of their head […]

Ella Shay | Rock | Music | Nashville | Photographer | Band | Actor | Headshot

Ella the Rock Star Facebook Gallery Contact us for booking and consultation: Email: Facebook: ABOUT DRIVER’S PHOTOGRAPHY: Driver’s Photography located in Nashville Tennessee. Our focus is on personal and unique Photography for models, actors, and celebrities. #Rock, #RockandRoll, #80s, #Music, #Rockstar, #70s, #90s, #portrait #Knoxville #maryville #fashion […]