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Can you become an Actor?

Can you become an Actor? Let's talk about how you got there. Since they are not just going to let ANYONE into their movies.

Let’s say

You are an Actor
You are one of many.
You have trained.
You have been the subject of many photos
You have taken many classes
You have made the connections
You have been in many videos and productions

Now you are hiding from a killer clown
This is acting!
Can you do that?

How to become an Actor

Now let’s talk about how you got here.
Since they are not just going to let ANYONE into their movies.
You had to work at getting to where you are at now.

Acting is a business and you as an actor are an independent contractor.
Therefore, You have to be professional and represent your brand as an actor.

Casting is looking for a scared girl who is being hunted by a killer clown
Thus, if you want that gig, you have what they are looking for as part of your brand.
Therefore, you must have something along the lines of a “Killer Clown Victim” to show them.
If not they are just going to say NEXT!

Imagine the thoughts of casting when they see that “Killer Clown Victim” right there, without really even having to look for it.
Those doing the casting sure would be interested in seeing that.
Think of the time they could save. They would REALLY enjoy that, right?

Actor Character and Emotional Clips

What if you had few video clips of you screaming and acting scared?
That seems like something a professional “Killer Clown Victim” would have.
In other words, Casting would probably want to see that.
They have a Killer Clown in their script and are looking for victims.
Therefore, they would be kinda excited to talk to you the professional “Killer Clown Victim”?

They would also know that this professional actor has a passion for these type of roles.
Perhaps, this could lead to that thing called an audition?

Just think, you got to this point off a few photos and some video clips.
Not bad, right?

Actor: Anastasia Potapov
Facebook: www.facebook.com/anastasiapotapovofficial/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/anastasia_marie_potapov/ @anastasia_marie_potapov
Imdb: www.imdb.com/name/nm11401563/

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