Why use Actor Character Shots ?

For Actors, One “headshot” is not enough.

When it comes to casting, an actor will need more than just one or two smiling headshots.
Many Actors think… “Well I have a GREAT headshot, it is just generally about what I look like.”
They need Actor Character.

When it comes to casting, an actor will need more than just one or two smiling headshots.

There seems to be a tone with many actors
Many Actors think…
“I have a GREAT industry standard headshot, so now I should get cast!”

Well, casting is about Character not an “Industry Standard” headshot.

Actors need to showcase Characters.

Casting looks at an actor, then thinks:

1) Does that actor looks like the role they are casting for in a script?
2) If so, can they handle technicals of the part.
3) Can the actor provide the emotional needs of that part.

For Example:
If it is a horror Role:
The technicals will be things like running, screaming, handling gore..etc.
The Emotional needs would be things like looking scared, mean, or crazy.

Showcasing those Technicals and Emotions is basically a short cut to answering the thoughts casting may have.

The “Reality” of Casting.

Casting directors put actors into “categories”;

  1. Leading Man/Woman
  2. Good-looking or Not.
  3. Different Racial Looks
  4. Mean, Nice, or Funny
  5. Tall or Short
  6. Young, Old, Middle Aged
  7. Good Guys / Bad Guys

Then they look at what Roles they can put a actor into:

  1. Working professionals: Detectives, FBI, CIA, Dr’s, Lawyers, Preachers, really any profession you can think of.
  2. Blue collar professions: Truck Driver, Mechanic, Carpenter, Painter, there are hundreds of those.

Actors who show Character is key in casting.

Seasoned actors understand this is how casting thinks and categorizes actors.
As a result, seasoned actors will have 8-12 different characters with various emotional headshots for EACH Character on file.
They know each Actor Character will need to show a range of emotions. Each Character will perhaps have to show Fear, Love, Anger, Hate, Bored, Happy, Sad, and whatever else the Character breakdowns call for.

Seasoned actors may also have to change the voice, movements, accents, and even their way of thinking to create different actor characters. If you show the right character that casting is looking for, chances are that they will reach out and grab it.

Actor: Leland Parker Mcguire