Showcase your talent!

You, the actor, have to be the creative one. Therefore do not expect a Casting Director to just “see” your talent in a headshot.

You are going to have to find a way to show it to them.

Think of casting directors as some one looking for a lost wedding ring.
They are frantically looking left and right for it.
Casting directors WANT to fill the role quickly, they do not have time to be “Creative”.
If you can hold what they are looking for right in front of them, they will reach out and grab it.

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Do you want more auditions? 

Actors need to diversify.
Casting directors put actors into “Categories”.

Seasoned actors understand. this is how casting directors think and categorize actors. As a result, these seasoned actors have many different “Character” head shots on file showing different looks and characters. They do not just show different clothing, rather it is different attitudes or emotional thoughts which actually create many different character looks.

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Social Media, the New Frontier

Hollywood movies are being cast based on how many social media followers actors have.

There is a new dynamic, that really did not exist before in Hollywood, that being Social Media. Actors can bring personal  value to a production.

Today and in the future it is a aspect on getting roles. The larger your social media the more marketable you are to a production. You bring FREE fans to a project.

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