Creative ways Actors land Auditions

You, the actor, have to be the creative one.

Those Aliens do not stand a chance

Actors have to be creative. Do not expect those casting to just “see” your talent in a headshot. You are going to have to find a way to show it to them.

Casting wants to see the character they are casting, emotionally and physically right in front of them.
They want to see the Character from that script.
It is up to you to show it to them.

Actors have to be creative.

Elijah Woods had to be creative for the role of Frodo Baggins

Elijah Wood wanted to play Frodo Baggins so badly, he crafted an elaborate (VHS) audition tape for Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.

“I went to a vocal coach for the dialect and enlisted some friends, including George Huang, who is a writer and filmmaker,” he said. “We went out to the woods in Griffith Park and shot two of the audition sequences there and one at my house.”

The group cut the scenes together at the Miramax office and Wood took the VHS tape to the casting office, which sent it to Jackson, the actor recalled.

I got a call from Peter himself, which was amazing, totally mindblowing,” Wood said.

Audrey Meadows had to be creative role of Jackie Gleason’s wife, “Alice”

A prime example of this working is with Audrey Meadows. She was trying to get cast for the role of Jackie Gleason’s wife, “Alice”, in the TV Series “The Honeymooners”. Audrey HAD to get creative to land that role. She covers what she did in this interview.

Audrey Meadows on Later with Bob Costas, April 3-4, 1990

The Actor’s use of themes.

The Actor’s use of themes in their portfolio can help gain attention to land roles.

Movies cover many different genres.

There is Horror, SciFi, War, Fantasy, Action, Love, Comedy, and many more.
For Example:
If you are casting a horror film.
An actor may want think of some creative ways to land that Audition, since there are hundreds or even thousands of other actors going for the same role.
They can do this by having a portfolio that will showcase horror characters. Some of these may look and act like the character in that film. That portfolio will highlight many of the skills needed to be in a horror production. It will go beyond just doing the bare minimum of standard headshots. Like 98% of your competition.
Let’s say the role is a mean villain.
You as one who is casting would want to see an actor showing their ability to be mean, show rage, them screaming, and perhaps snarling. This is why actors have to be creative.
For you the one who is casting the ideal actor should be eager to showcase their talents.

Creative ways Actors land Auditions
The Tests are not going as planned… grrrrr

Again, understand that Casting wants to see that character right in front of them.

They need to know that the people they use are professional, creative, and comfortable with the subject matter they are working in.

So when the creative actors or actresses show them properly-themed headshots with proper emotions, those casting can see the “Character” and know that the actor before them is comfortable in that role and genre.

Maybe you can think of some more creative ways Actors can land Auditions, if so let us know.

Actor: Brooklynn Palmer

Instagram: @brooklynnpalmer14