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Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”

The night is dark and not all in the castle are sleeping.

A fairy tale castle window and a lot of attitude, your little Actor will be will be a ruler of her own kingdom.
There is always the Princess in most every Fairy Tale, or maybe she is a waif going though the castle halls doing her duties.
These are magical additions to any portfolio.

To have professional photography head shots and model portfolio images that cater specifically to Fantasy.

Fantasy has millions of followers and fans who dream about slaying dragons or other adventures
They’re a conversation generating addition to actor comp cards.
In the entertainment industry there is a “Need” to have something in your portfolio that is an attention grabber.
Actors need something that makes them stand out, so they are remembered.
You want something that will “Entertain” casting people.

Drivers Photography helps actors achieve a showcase of cast-able characters to help them land casting calls and roles.

Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”


Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”


Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”
Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”


Alina Brooke “Midnight Princess”

Many People ask about:
How to get into the acting industry?
Or How to become an child actor?
If you really want to get acting jobs you have to show them “Character”.
Casting people are not casting for “actors”, they are trying to fill roles that are Characters in a script.
Some Actors or Models hide the very character that might be essential to helping them land many roles,
They try conform to public opinion of looks and grace.
This is what they think Casting people are after.

Casting people are looking for Character to bring their project to life, it is the details that cause the audience to connect.
This is why, Professional Character Head Shots are a tool needed for all actors and models.
We can pull out hidden “Characters” that many actors did not even know they had.

You need Character to give you that edge in that next casting.

Drivers Photography located in Nashville Tennessee.

Our focus is on personal and unique Photography for models, actors, and celebrities.

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