Victoria Joliddie in “Test Subject”

The screams mean the medication is working
– Ezekiel Sedayne, Geneticist

Victoria Joliddie

Horror Headshots for actors and models.

Themed Horror Headshots for actors and models are created to cater specifically to increase an actors portfolio to include the horror genre.

Why Horror?

Horror is a huge!
A portfolio Needs diversity. Therefore as part of that one needs to have headshots that includes many themes and looks.

Horror, like it or not is part of that diversity.

Horror shots in your portfolio will let casting people know that your actor is comfortable on a horror set. 

Consequently, those shots will also let casting people know that you are actively looking for horror gigs. I have found many kids are actually EAGER to play in horror roles.

Horror adds diversity to a portfolio.

Horror has a huge following, there are many social media groups specifically catering to horror fans.
Adding horror characters to your portfolio and fan sites will increase and actors or models fan base.

There is a need to “Shock” your fans.

Fans and casting people will tend to “typecast” and actor. So something to shock them will stir the pot and get them talking about you. In the entertainment industry there is a “Need” to have something in your portfolio that is “Shocking”. As an actor you really do not want to  just blend in on casting calls.

“Test Subject” Theme

The Test subject is based off medical themed horror. It is in line with Shows like “Stranger Things” & “Walking Dead” or even movies like “Firestarter”. The goal is to show them in a bad medical test environment with evil guards and lots of really large needles.