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Anastasia Potapov Actor Demo Reel “Test Subject”

Anastasia Potapov in the Actor Demo Reel “Test Subject”

The Test Subject is a person used to test “Medical Experiments”.

Some Medical projects are not for healing.
In those dark projects the money is made off the suffering, rather than the healing.

Checkout Anastasia Potapov fan sites!


Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm11401563/

** Warning ** Actor demo reels used for giving starting actors and models a look to get roles in many genres.
** Disclaimer ** No Children ( Or Parents ) was harmed in this photoshoot, all prop use, Outfits, and poses were done with strict parental supervision.

Driver’s Photography

Our focus is actors.

Are you tired of having no tools to show your character to casting people and film makers?

At Drivers Photography, our goal create those tools.
Tools which show character. Characters that land roles.

Directors and filmmakers are NOT looking to cast “industry standard” headshots.
They are looking for characters! Characters that fit the ones in their scripts.

This is Simple and Easy.
The book “Think and Grow Rich”; says the route to success is to find a need and fill it.

Casting and filmmakers are looking for and NEED “Characters”.
Let’s give them what they are looking for.

In things related to kids casting Actor Demo Reels will give your actor an advantage in auditions.
These will allow casting people and filmmaker to see and hear the performance of your actor.
Many Casting Directors and film makers to not even look at actors who lack Actor Demo Reels.

They want to work with professionals, not people who are deciding if this is something they want to do.
Would you use a plumber to fix something in your house if they looked at plumbing as a interesting hobby?
OF course not! You would want a Pro!

So, Child actors with talent need ways to showcase their skill.
Actor Demo Reels are proven to give child actors a method to do that when it comes to kids casting.
For most young actors do not have demo reels.


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