Apocalypse  Headshots for actors and models.

Themed Apocalypse Headshots for actors and models are created to cater specifically to increase an actors portfolio to include the survivalist and end of times genre.

Walking Dead Casting with Cody West
Cody West is back in “Back From The WALKING DEAD.”

Why The Apocalypse?

Well the answer is simple, Apocalypse shows and movies are huge!
A portfolio needs diversity. Therefore as part of that one needs to have headshots that includes many themes and looks.
Looks that cater to struggle and end of times like it or not are part of that diversity. These type of shots in your portfolio will let casting people know that your actor is comfortable in such themes.  Consequently, these shots will also let casting people know that you are actively looking for Apocalypse gigs.

Walking Dead Casting with Cody West
Cody West is back in “Back From The WALKING DEAD.”

Apocalypse adds diversity to a portfolio.

Apocalypse themes have  a huge following, there are many social media groups specifically catering them.
Adding these characters to your portfolio and fan sites will increase ones  fan base.

Walking Dead Casting with Cody West

There is a need to “Shock” your fans.

Fans and casting people will tend to “typecast” and actor. So something to shock them will stir the pot and get them talking about you. In the entertainment industry there is a “Need” to have something in your portfolio that is “Shocking”. As an actor you really do not want to  just blend in on casting calls.

Actors need something that makes them stand out, so they are remembered. Themed Apocalypse Headshots for actors and models, will do this.

After his motorbike accident and almost losing his leg.

Cody could not wait to get in front of the Camera once more.

So in the Walking Dead Style that is exactly what he did and he was ready to take on any zombies that would dare show them self.

Check out Cody West’s fan page:

How do themed Headshots help an Actor or Model ?

Many People ask about:
How to get into the acting industry?
Or How to become an child actor?
If you really want to get acting jobs you have to show them “Character”.
Casting people are not casting for “actors”, rather they are trying to fill roles that are Characters in a script.
There can certainly be great results to offer themed headshots. For instance, when you are trying to show what Character you can bring to their production.
Some Actors or Models hide the very character that might be essential to helping them land many roles.

What are Casting people looking for?

Finally, what are Casting people looking for? Above all they are looking for Characters.
Characters that bring their project to life. It is the Character details that cause the audience to connect.
This is why, Professional Character Head Shots are a tool needed for all actors and models.
We can pull out hidden “Characters” that many actors did not even know they had.

Try offering more Character at your casting call. As a result, that Character may give you that extra edge in your next casting.

You need Character to give you that edge in that next casting.


** Warning **
These are Apocalypse shots used for giving starting actors and models a look to get roles in the horror genre.

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